The Turing Galaxis

…when speaking to a colleague about convergence in media and technology and how it will affect the way next generations will use devices and information.

«Basically, one could say that it is not the Author, but the Reader of a Hypertext system, who is now responsible for the ordering of the sequences. […] Contrary to the idea that the role of the author is diminished it is increased: in predicting the interest of users; in overviewing a variety of possible routes; and in developing solutions to the jumps between reading modes and browsing/navigating modes.» – Finnemann, 1999

I realize, that a lot of content, many platforms, the most of the actual used and developed technology and hardware is made by people of today with a mind set of yesterday. Great inventors, great minds were and are people of the «now»* with a mindset of tomorrow.

Giving you an example: Is it a so called innovation if you combine a fridge with a computer? I say, no it is not. Innovation would be, if your fridge is a computer generating organic food and beverages according to your state of health and the one you want to achieve.

As Finnemann stated, the role of those innovators is to know your moves before you even think of moving and furthermore to guiding you towards «your own» next move. Do I want that? Again, no. I like guidance, but guidance puts you in a «I let do the thinking» mode, resulting in a few people telling many people what best is for them, and these many who agree with what is happening. This addiction to a new form of totalitarian technoligion** has to be stopped. Or do you know, when you last switched off electricity and any electronic device in your home for more than 48h in a row?

My son has beaten my high score of a 1996 b&w game on a 1998 gameboy! At his age I was able to build a shelter in the woods. But both of us learned to read at 4 [btw, this opens you doors to non-immediate face2face communication]. So, is a kid at 5 forced to be able to cope with reading, building a shelter and beating dad‘s high score on a nintendo console? I hope not, since our brain is only able to process a certain amount of information during a day [and none simultaneously, or at least consciously, therefore: multi tasking is a myth!]. And brains are switching off, if necessary. Ergo, some information has to be deleted even before you are consciously aware of having stored and learnt this very information. Which will it be? The reading, the shelter, the gameboy? Is it you, who is choosing? Or are you one of the above mentioned many? This leads me back to my understanding of the «now»: *the full apperception of what is happening with you and the space and persons you influence and therefore shape.

In this case: I will sell the gameboy and teach my son how to build a shelter. I think, one day he will need this knowledge. When technoligion [**technology + religion] will fall.

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