Insalata „Principe di Napoli“

Cuore di buePhotography: Dominik Hundhammer
Cuore di bue
Photography: Dominik Hundhammer

«Io prima di mangiare mi sento sempre un po‘ stupido.» – Totò


Copyright: Michael M. Maurantonio

Serve: 4 Persons

What you need:

  • 4 Beefsteak tomatoes (Cuore di Bue)
  • 100g of San Daniele ham in slice
  • 200g fresh and soft pecorino or feta cheese
  • 50g Pine kernels
  • 100g Medjool Dates from Morocco
  • 100g of fresh Italian figs (the green ones!)
  • Lemon zest (organic lemons only) of one lemon
  • Fresh mint leaves, Fresh basil leaves
  • Native Olive Oil
  • Oregano, Garlic, Salt, Pepper

Wash and cut the tomatoes in equal disks. Align in a plate. Tear the San Daniele ham in smaller pieces and distribute it on the cut tomatoes. Cut the fresh pecorino (or if not available: the feta) cheese in small cubes and add to the first two ingredients. In the meantime roast the pine kernels until they are of a golden/light brown colour. Before adding them to the salad, wait until they are cold again. Cut the dates (w/o the stone), the figs and put them onto tomatoes, ham and cheese.

After you have washed the lemon, grate it and put the zests onto the salad. Wash mint and basil leaves and tear them in smaller parts over the salad. Mix oil, oregano, salt, fresh cut garlic and the pepper together and pour the dressing over the salad. Before serving always have a taste (more salt? less salt, then add another cut tomato and a bit of oil. etc)

Buon appetito!

«Ce ne stanno riggine ncopp‘ ‚a terra,
ca fanno bene a chesta umanità
ca so‘ carnale e ca nun fanno ‚a guerra,
ma ‚a riggina cchiù ricca è chesta ccà!

Quanno ‚o sole addeventa na furnace,
essa spanne ‚int‘ ‚e ccase addore e gusto,
cchiù zucosa addeventa e cchiù te piace
quanno nfoca ‚a cuntrora ‚o mese austo.

A Napule che regna? ‚A pummarola!
Aggarba ‚o maccarone e ‚a mulignana,
chesta riggina ‚ve fa cunzulà.

Quanno ‚a spremmite dint‘ ‚a cassarola
o pappea p‘ ‚o rraù dint‘ ‚a tiana,
pure a nu muorto fa risuscità.» – ‚A riggina ‚e napule (a pummarola), Alfredo De Lucia

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