«Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.» – Walt Disney


Listen, observe, ask, ask again, analyze, suggest! Then execute and re-start!

Offered services are:

  • touch point management, customer decision journey analysis, customer segmentation
  • elaboration of media strategies
  • tailored communication concepts
  • competitive media buying and media planning
  • project & process management and business consulting
  • auditing and pitch support

Special services:  Mailchimp newsletter campaigns

With the proven process:

  1. Analysis of key drivers: Business, People, Brand, Product, Market, Consumers
  2. Suggestion of solution paths: Creation, Optimization, Merger
  3. Execution: Strategy, Concept, Means & Measures, Buying, Coaching, Management, Recruitment
  4. Controlling, Monitoring: Reporting of Mile-Stones and KPIs, Implementation of learnings